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24-Pack of Golf Balls
24-Pack of Golf Balls
24-Pack of Golf Balls
24-Pack of Golf Balls

24-Pack of Golf Balls

Dollar Golf

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Get the most bang for your buck with our 24-pack of golf balls.
  • Our 24-pack of golf balls feature high performance urethane cover golf balls.
  • The 352 dimple pattern reduces drag and creates lift.
  • Each golf ball features a line marker to help you line up your putts.

Are you that person who hits the ball, and then wonders where it went? Our 24-pack of golf balls is for you! With this package, you will get 24 high-quality 2-piece golf balls that are so affordable, it won’t matter if they get lost — and we all know they do. Save yourself time and frustration from trips to the store and wasting money on overpriced golf balls and get high performance golf balls sent right to your door. Always be prepared for a game of golf. Shop now!

  • USGA standard size and weight
  • Core - Solid Synthetic Rubber
  • Cover - Urethane
  • Compression - 95%
  • Dimples - 352

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