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15-Pack of Golf Balls
15-Pack of Golf Balls
15-Pack of Golf Balls
15-Pack of Golf Balls

15-Pack of Golf Balls

Dollar Golf

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Get a 15-pack of golf balls that don’t feel like rocks for only $15.
  • Hone your distance control more easily with our urethane golf balls.
  • Minimize your spin with our 2-piece golf balls.
  • Maximize your lift with our 15-pack of golf balls featuring a 352 dimple pattern.

We know the golf ball struggle is real. Either you have to spend an arm and leg on quality golf balls that are likely to get lost, or you have to play the game you love with golf balls so hard, they feel like rocks — at least that was the case before the Dollar Golf Club golf ball was invented. With our 15-pack of golf balls, you will receive fifteen premium urethane golf balls that don’t cost more than a buck! Enhance your golf game with Dollar Golf Club golf balls. Shop now!

  • USGA standard size and weight
  • Core - Solid Synthetic Rubber
  • Cover - Urethane
  • Compression - 95%
  • Dimples - 352

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This might be for you if:

You're a 20+ handicap...

You golf twice a week...

You regularly take 2 tee shots (just for the practice...LOL)