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Our Top-Rated Golf Ball Design


So, you may be wondering, "What kind of golf ball do I get for a buck?" A really good one! See, we're golfers too and part of what made us launch DGC was our frustration with having to pay $30-50 just to get a dozen golf balls that don't feel like rocks.

We opted for a urethane cover to give this high-performance golf ball good feel AND durability. The 352-dimple pattern generates low spin for excellent control and shot forgiveness.

Do you like specs? Here are the specs for our 2-piece golf ball design:

  • Size & Weight - USGA Standard
  • Core - Solid Synthetic Rubber
  • Putter AlignmentCover - Urethane
  • Compression - 95%
  • Dimples - 352

How about a little help lining up your putts? 

Yup, we have your back... :-)

No matter what your golf needs are, Dollar Golf Club has you covered with 2-piece urethane golf balls. Whether you just want to see how good our dollar golf balls really are or you are an avid golfer, just like us, who wants to get top-rated golf balls for a deal, we have the set of golf balls for you. Shop DGC top-rated golf balls today.